Njide Ndili

Speaker: Whole-of-Society – The Power of Engaging Civil Society, Community Actors, and the Private Sector
Njide Ndili is the Country Director for PharmAccess Foundation, an international NGO with a unique integrated approach that addresses the demand and supply side of the healthcare system, and uses the opportunities that mobile technology and data provide to leapfrog development in the health markets in sub-Saharan Africa. Her work focuses on promoting basic health insurance plans and other innovative demand-side financing options to enable protection from financial hardship especially for low income communities; implementing quality standards and improvement methodologies for health care providers to increase transparency and stimulate efficiencies; facilitating business loans, technical assistance and investments to enable private health SMEs to improve their operations, and using data to empower the healthcare ecosystem. PharmAccess has footprints in 14 states in Nigeria including Lagos State, supporting implementation of mandatory health insurance laws both at the federal and state levels. Njide has over 25 years of experience leadership roles in the healthcare industry in the United States and Nigeria, and has worked as a consultant to several healthcare organizations. She served as a Commissioner for The Lancet and FT Commission on Digital Health and AI-Governing Health Future whose report was launched in October 2021, set up to explore how digital and frontier technology can be used to accelerate UHC especially for the young population and low-income countries. Njide is also the current Vice President of Healthcare Foundation of Nigeria, an advocacy platform seeking greater involvement of the private sector in the healthcare delivery system in Nigeria. Njide has an MSc in Health Economics, Policy and Management from the London School of Economics, AMP from INSEAD Business School France, MBA from the University of Houston, Post-Graduate Diploma in Finance and B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Nigeria.
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