Nicaise Ndembi

Speaker: Increasing Local Production in Africa: Advocacy, Research and Development Capacity in Diagnostics, Therapeutics and Vaccine Manufacturing
Dr. Nicaise Ndembi is the Senior Science Advisor to the Director of the Africa CDC and is a leading virologist and public health expert with a focus on molecular virology applied to effective laboratory research in HIV diversity, resistance to antiretroviral therapy, genomics epidemiology and emerging infectious diseases. An active participant in numerous scientific advisory panels, Dr. Ndembi has more than 100 peer reviewed publications under his name and has been an advisor to Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Health on HIV drug resistance and control policy and a key player among other public health organizations. He is Director of Laboratory Research, Institute of Human Virology Nigeria (IHVN) and an Adjunct Associate Professor within University of Maryland’s Division of Epidemiology, a Collaborative Professor of Virology and Research Professor in Kanazawa University, Japan.
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