Mary Muchekeza

Speaker: Women in Health – From Recipients to Providers to Leaders
A public health specialist with 14 years’ experience working in the public health sector in Zimbabwe. Her mission is to become a leader who is committed to full service and mobilization of resources to ensure justice and inclusivity in access to health care services by all communities. She is passionate about the delivery of safe, appropriate, sound and equitable health care services to children, adolescent girls and women, particularly the marginalized members of these populations. Her greater vision is to live in a world where all people are healthy and exhibit the best part of themselves in everything they do. Dr Mary holds Bachelors’ Degrees in Medicine and Surgery (MBChB) and a Master’s Degree in Public Health that is focused on Field Epidemiology both obtained from the University of Zimbabwe. She is a Community Health Physician with a demonstrated history of working in various leadership positions in the public health domain in Zimbabwe. She is considered by her colleagues, herself and others as being skilled in Field Epidemiology, Program Evaluation, and Health Services Management/leadership. She is a graduate of the first cohort of the Kofi Annan Global Health Leadership Fellowship Program which is housed under Africa CDC and supported by the Kofi Annan Foundation. She is also an alumnus of the Greater Leaders Program, a training and coaching program specifically focused on female leaders across the world, housed under the Fem League and supported by Global Financing Facility/the World Bank. Her style, approaches and passion about health leadership have been molded by the different positions she has held in the public health sector in Zimbabwe. These include having been a Provincial Maternal and Child Health officer (2 years), a Provincial Epidemiology and Disease Control officer (4.5 years), a member of the Practice Control Committee of the Medical and Dental Practitioners Council of Zimbabwe (2.5 years), a Director of Health Services for one of the cities in Zimbabwe (2.5 years) and a member of the Zimbabwe College of Public Health Physicians. She is currently working for the Ministry of Health and Child care, Zimbabwe as a Provincial Medical Director for the Midlands Province, which is one of the 10 Provinces in the Country. Dr Mary’s favorite activities are spending time and celebrating achievements with family, reading for both leisure and education, watching movies and going for weekend outings with family.
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