Hassan Sefrioui

Speaker: Increasing Local Production in Africa: Advocacy, Research and Development Capacity in Diagnostics, Therapeutics and Vaccine Manufacturing
Prof. Hassan SEFRIOUI is Director, Senior Management Advisor and Member of MAScIR Executive Board. He is also Member of the World Health Organization (WHO) Diagnostic and Technical Advisory Group (DTAG) and of UK Longitude Prize Judging Panel. He has 23 years R&D experience in both industrial and academic settings and holds a Ph.D in medical science from the University of Leuven (Belgium) (1999) and postdoctoral position from the University of California San Diego (USA). Thereafter, he spent 10 years within the European biotech industry sector including the direction of drugs department at TIGENIX company, a subsidiary of the multinational TAKEDA. In 2010, Prof SEFRIOUI joined MAScIR as Director of Medical Biotechnology Center. Under his leadership, the team has developed and CE certified Morocco’s first diagnostic kits targeting breast cancer, leukemia, tuberculosis, hepatitis C and COVID-19 infection. The COVID-19 PCR kit is manufactured by “MOLDIAG”; a startup emerged from MAScIR’s Medical Biotechnology Center, with sales of 4 million tests in several African countries.
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