Amit Thakker

Speaker: Whole-of-Society – The Power of Engaging Civil Society, Community Actors, and the Private Sector
Dr. Amit Thakker, MBChB, eMBA, has been a pioneer in the integration of the private sector within African health systems while supporting governments, corporations, and organizations to achieve advanced health outcomes. He holds a litany of titles including Executive Chairman of Africa Health Business, President of Africa Healthcare Federation, Chairman of the Kenya Healthcare Federation, Chair of the University of Nairobi Alumni Medical Chapter, and Advisor to Asia Africa Investing & Consulting Ltd, Coalition for Blood in Africa and the Ministry of Health, Kenya. He is the recipient of “Best Male Entrepreneur of the Year” award by Rotary International in 1999, “Best CEO” award by Titans Global in the Business & Professional Services category in 2017, and the Chairman’s Award by the Kenya Medical Association in 2004.
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