Ademola Osigbesan

Speaker: Advancing innovative medicines & drug discovery
Ademola is a pharmacist with over fifteen years of progressive experience working on teams focused on expanding access to medicines, diagnostics, and other health technologies. Ademola works for Unitaid, a hosted partnership of the World Health Organization (WHO), as a Technical Manager, Strategic Sourcing and Supply. He provides technical oversight on strategic sourcing and supply management through project teams managing Unitaid-funded projects in HIV, TB, HCV, Malaria, fever management, Cervical Cancer and COVID-19. Ademola also coordinates Unitaid’s industry engagement and market access initiatives, contributing significantly to Unitaid’s recent market shaping initiatives and access negotiations for selected innovative HIV, TB, Cervical Cancer and COVID-19 products. Ademola also leads the design and implementation of Unitaid’s approach to enhancing domestic manufacturing in Africa. Ademola previously worked with Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), Center for Integrated Health Programs, ICAP at Columbia University and Pfizer pharmaceuticals, where he held different positions in procurement and supply chain management, programme management and Access to medicines, diagnostics, and other health technologies.
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